Stretford Uke’s second jam! (12th February 2019)

Here’s a few photos and a video from the second Stretford Uke jam. It was great to see people coming back and to see a few new faces!

We planning running the jam as two sessions, with the first session being covered by the songlist. Well, the songlist ended up being a bit too long, so we ended up going through it in both sessions.

For next week, we’ll drop a few songs to make the list a little shorter and take out a couple of tricky numbers. We also noticed some of the songs were lacking a good ending, so you’ll see a few added in the next version of the songbook.

Happy practicing!

Stretford Uke is a free weekly ukulele jam, welcoming players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. A fun strum along to liven up the start of the week!

Stretford Uke takes place every Tuesday from 7:30pm at The Sip Club, just turn up with your ukulele and the songbook. Find out more on our Facebook page, or come and join our Facebook group.

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