3 (Months), That’s the Magic Number

We seem to be speeding through 2019 at an alarming rate. I can’t believe it’s May already, and I can’t believe it’s now 3 months since our first jam on the 5th February! Only seems like yesterday we were down The Sip Club, putting plans together for Stretford Uke.

It was a slightly different format this week, as we had no u-bass or projector. So we set ourselves up around the big table, with at TV at the end. It definitely felt a bit more social around the big table, so I think we’ll carry on using it. Some people preferred the TV and some the projector, so we’ll probably see how it goes with that.

There were a few changes to the songlist this week, with Teenage Kicks, One Day Like This, and Octopus’s Garden being new additions. All of these we’ve played in the second session at some point and they went down pretty well in the first session, despite the odd tricky chord I’d not spotted!

In second session, we tackled a few old favourites and the odd new song, including Billy O’Shea, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Gold, Lady Madonna, One Way or Another, Rock Around the Clock, Shake It Off, Space Oddity, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop and With or Without You. These went down pretty well, despite a few tricky chords here and there. Though we do need to learn that Shake It Off rap or take it out 🙂

Hope to see you again next week! As ever, if you have any feedback or requests for the songbook or songlist, then please do get in touch!

Stretford Uke is a free weekly ukulele jam, welcoming players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. A fun strum along to liven up the start of the week!

Stretford Uke takes place every Tuesday from 7:30pm at The Sip Club, just turn up with your ukulele and the songbook. Find out more on our Facebook page, or come and join our Facebook group.

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