Big Christmas Ukulele Singalong (20th December 2019)

December saw us return with another themed Big Ukulele Singalong, and there’s no prizes for guessing what the theme might have been! 🎅 The Sip Club has done Christmas singalongs for the two Christmases before Stretford Uke started, organised by our very own James. So it was already something of a tradition.

Judging by the interest we had before, we were expecting a good crowd and weren’t disappointed! People were struggling to get in the room, it was so busy. At the back, it was standing room only and a few were even sat on the floor, playing along. Lots of people had really made an effort with Christmas outfits, which was great to see!


We started the evening earlier than usual, at 7pm and arranged two sessions of Christmas songs, which we then followed with the usual request format from the main songbook.

The first session we focused mainly on the more traditional/family-friendly songs and carols. The second session was based more around classic Christmas pop songs, including a few you might remember from Top of the Tops, if you’re old enough and the odd one you might not know. Check out the following compilation video of the two Christmas sessions.

It was fantastic to see folk of all ages joining in and really getting into the Christmas spirit, from the very the young to the not so young. Lots of people were singing and we even had a few picking up the uke for the very first time and giving it a go. Here’s a playlist of some of the songs in full.

We’ll be back again with the next Big Ukulele Singalong on 17th January, at the usual time of 8pm. Then on the 21st February, we have the Big Madchester and Beyond Ukulele Singalong, featuring some of the best in Manchester music from the late 80s and beyond.

Head over to the Big Ukulele Singalong page to find out more about our singalongs. Got any song or theme requests? Get in touch or join our Facebook group.


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